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"The Gospel is beautiful, and it is beautifully true, and is the

only answer to our relativistic heart, and shows us the absoluteness of His heart... It is the only hope for the world.”

Dr. Ravi Zacharias - Author, Speaker, Christian Apologist

Something More Series

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The Currents of the Cross

It's an overwhelming feeling that what life appears to be is not just all there is.  A God who created, will also sustain, and desires to connect with the ones He made.  The proof?  He came (John 3:16) to earth to shows the depth of His love, and give His life as a sacrifice for all who would believe and accept the eternal life freely offered.

CrossCurrents is about getting back to what matters, and exploring life and relationship with God, centered on the cross, where humanity and Divinity connected for eternity. The Bible is God's eternal Word, and it reveals a love story for the ages, one with Christ as center, and humanity as the one He pursues.

Our core values are simple: love God, love others, offer to all unconditional acceptance, and forgiveness, while living Christ's love in practical ways to others in our community.

Our mission in eight words: "Breaking down barriers, building bridges back to God."