Info & Updates - 11/21


We give you an incredibly warm welcome to The Worship Experience!  This series of live events has been designed for those who desire to connect with others in exploring faith through music, thought-provoking conversations, interacting with like-minded believers, and giving back to the community in relevant ways.  All of us at CrossCurrents hope you will experience grace, love, and acceptance through your interactions with us.  We welcome your feedback as well, so please share!

First time guest, or perhaps returning for the second or third time?  Please text "Welcome" to 817-207-4848.  We want to connect!

CV19 Precautions

We have taken extreme precautions to insure the safety and health of each guest and participant today.  In addition to the things we have done to prepare, we also encourage the use of hand sanitizer, safe seating, with two chairs between families or guests who came together, and the six foot social distancing guidelines from the CDC.  Masks are optional, but much encouraged, especially when you are up, and interacting with others. Masks are available in the entryway if needed.


We ask also when the service is over that every guest utilize the exterior foyer and breezeway for social interactions.

"RE:Flect" - November 28

How often do you look in the rearview mirror of life and reflect on all God has done for you?  We are so busy looking forward, for what is coming, we often forget what brought us to the point we are, and the true goodness of God in our life.

Volunteers Needed!

If you enjoy smiling and making people feel like they belong, we would love to have you on our First Impressions Team!  You could be the difference in someone's day when they walk through the doors at The Worship Experience.  


Our other needed area for assistance is in logistics, responsible for the setup and clean up on the day of event. Doesn't take muscles, but just a willingness to pitch in and get things ready for guests, and cleaning things up when all is done.

If you would like to be a part of either team, submit the form below.

Thanks you!

Exploring Deeper

Have questions?  Want to explore your faith in a deeper way, and perhaps experience God as never before?  If so, check out the Something More Series by clicking the link in the menu, or find the first episode, The Quest for More, HERE.  


Presented by Dean Waterman, this twelve part series shares the incredible love of God as revealed in biblical truth. It is in knowing the truth about God's love we are transformed, and experience life with God as He has always wanted us too.